Workshops and Presentations

In addition to private lessons, I teach workshops and give presentations for larger groups. Listed below are some workshops and presentations I've given in the past. If you want me to give one of these or come up with a different one, contact me and we can figure out the details.


Pocket Music!

Don't have the time, space, or money to learn an instrument like, say, the upright bass? This presentation will demonstrate and teach some more accessible musical instruments and skills, such as foot percussion, spoons, nose flutes, musical saws, and more, while placing them in a broader context of folk music.

Learn to Play the Rhythm Bones

The rhythm bones are an ancient percussion instrument made from two curved sticks or animal bones. We will explore the history of the bones, different types of bones, and teach participants the basics of bones playing, as well as the tools to bring their playing to the next level. I can also lead more advanced bones workshops.

 Introduction to Harmonica

This workshop is for those who have always wanted to pick up the harmonica but never known where to start. We will get acquainted with the instrument, learning how to hold it, what to do with your mouth, how to breathe, the foundation from which to play single notes, and eventually a few simple vamps that can be used in jam sessions. I can also lead more advanced harmonica workshops.


The Yodel

This workshop will give history and examples of yodeling from around the world. Then participants will learn to identify their own voice break, learn a simple yodel, discover which keys works best for their personal yodeling range, and put it all together into songs.


Flamenco Guitar for Jigs and Reels

Learn some flamenco rhythm guitar patterns, and how to apply them to traditional tunes for an exciting, rhythmically complex bed of sound.


Pocket Music

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