Harmonica Lessons

I can teach you to use the harmonica for blues, fiddle tunes, klezmer, and more. We will build skills such as rhythmic vamps, blues progressions, single note playing, bending, and vibrato. I approach teaching with an emphasis on following student interest and learning the instrument like a language.

You will need a 10-hole harmonica in the key of C,G,A, or D. Whatever you pick up in a music shop will do, but I'd recommend the Hohner Big River Harp as the cheapest harmonica of any quality. For the next step up, I'd recommend a Seydel Session Steel, found online here.

I offer lessons in Montpelier, Vermont, and online.

The first lesson is half price, see if you like it!


Other Instruments and Skills

Learning more musical skills of any sort helps you become a better, more well rounded musician. I can teach the skills listed below as part of harmonica lessons or individually.

  • Guitar- Guitar is a complimentary instrument to harmonica, most often found in the same settings.  Having a basic understanding of guitars is invaluable in playing music with other people. I can teach some guitar basics, along with a versatile style I developed based on flamenco rhythm patterns.
  • Saxophone- A bargain! I am a professional sax player, but I am still in the process of developing teaching methods for it. So if you want to be a guinea pig, you will get heavily discounted lessons.

  • Bones- Bones are a simple rhythm instrument. Although they’re basically just two curved sticks, people are still discovering new frontiers of bones playing. They are easy to make and cheap to buy. I have bones to sell for $20 per pair.
  • Other Musical Oddities- I have a fondness for picking up eclectic musical skills and making music out of whatever's at hand. Ask me about yodeling, musical saw, foot percussion,  jaw harp, spoons, traditional communal vocal songs, or using beatboxing to punch up your harmonica playing.

Pocket Music

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